Drizzle – Dressings and oils

Perfectly Balanced and produced with farm chillies

East meets West……
A cracking reduction of balsamic,
GF soy, garlic and red chilli.
Our balsamic teriyaki is a lovely fish
marinade, great in a stir fry, and makes
a lovely salad or veg dressing.

Gluten free and vegan friendly


Picture courtesy of Food & Drink Somerset

Herb, Garlic & Chilli oil. Amazing with pasta or pizza. A lovely fusion of Italian herbs, garlic and our own mild red chillies.


Lush Sicilian lemon, hints of sesame and mild chilli spice. Perfect with seafood dishes, paella, tossed in a salad or even on sweet potato fries


Our very own Wicked Chilli oil, not for the faint hearted. Hot and tasty made with our own super hot chillies – fresh from our tunnels.