Our selection of very special chilli products for use in the kitchen.

Chilli chefs START COOKING!!

Got a CRUSH on chilli? Then check out our unique flavoured salt blends! Using flaked sea salt and dried chillies, simply hand crush to add flavour to any dish, soup, salad or pizza.

Citrus Burst – Perfect with any fish dish!

55g £3.00

Smoke House – Bring on the wedges!!

55g £3.00

Wicked One – Need we say more!

55g £3.00

East meets West……
A cracking reduction of balsamic,
GF soy, and sweet red chillies
Our balsamic teriyaki is a lovely fish
marinade, great in a stir fry, and makes
a lovely salad or veg dressing.

Vegan friendly and Gluten Free

140ml £4.50