All about The Wicked Chilli

We are a family run chilli farm in North Somerset
producing chilli products from our own grown chillies.
We use traditional cooking methods, cooking in small batches using unique flavour combinations.
All of our products use ingredients free from gluten and are vegetarian, with many being vegan friendly too!

The farm itself is part of a repurposed dairy farm that is now home to many local businesses including ours! Our chilli farm is a low energy, peat free, hydroponic farm. We use gravity fed coco coir based growing systems as well as traditional hydroponic solution systems provided by Growell hydroponics. Our feeds are also UK created and supplied by Shogun nutrients. Our waste water and vegetation are recycled back into the farm to aid the growth of our flower beds which in turn attract bees and other pollinators.

We hope you enjoy our chillies
as much as we have growing them